Texas Motor Speedway 2022 Schedule

Texas Motor Speedway TxArm 2022 Racing Events


  Sunday March 20th  XPEL  375  NTT Indycar Series


Friday May 20th  Speedycash.com 220 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

Saturday May 21nd Texas 250  NASCAR Xfinity Series

Sunday May 22nd NASCAR Cup Series All Star Race


Saturday September 24th  NXS Andy’s Frozen Custard 335

Sunday September 25th  Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500


Events at Texas Motor Speedway

What we do!

Information/Hospitality–volunteers available at the Raceway Ministry Texas Motor Speedway (RMTMS) ministry site in the Lone Star Campground to help those who need assistance in locating entry gates, showers, rest rooms, concession areas, Speedway World store, local gas stations, hardware & grocery stores, etc.

Chaplains and pastors available for crisis intervention, domestic disturbance, depression, etc.  Available to all fans through direct contact, through TMS Security; also available to TMS staff, employees, and event staff.  Raceway Ministries Chaplains are stationed at the Outfield and Infield Care Centers during Scheduled hours. 

Transportation for Camping Fans with Special Needs–volunteers will patrol the campground on golf carts, assisting & providing information for fans, and providing rides for those with special needs,  on a limited basis, by reservation.  Camp ground fans can make ride reservations by calling 940.390.8248.   Schedule subject to change.

The Main RMTMS Site are located in the Lone Star Circle Campground, outside of turn three Between Elliott Drive and Row Q

Family Campground is located on the far eastern side of the camping area along Victory Circle Drive and just south of Gordon Road







Opportunities for Ministry

Tent Site Set-up

Texas Motor Speedway will have the ministry tent set up prior to race week. TxARM volunteers will need to be available around the tent during ministry hours, beginning Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. to assist in the set-up of tables, chairs, electrical cords, etc., as dictated by the schedule of activities.


Family Campground Ministry Site

The Family Campground is located on the east side of TMS property at the intersection of Gordon and Victory Circle (outer ring road). It is designed to provide families a place to camp and enjoy the weekend apart from some of the more adult activities that may be in other areas. Anyone interested in assisting with hospitality, some children’s activities, coffee & conversation and other ministry, may find this to be an exciting location to provide family based ministry within a smaller more one on one environment



Prayer obviously is a key element with regard to the success of any ministry activity. Various times of prayer for Raceway Ministries volunteers, and anyone who wishes to join in, will take place, and prayer walking, which has become a very effective way for God’s people to lift up needs to the Lord “on the spot” may be scheduled. With all the walkways through the campground and across the speedway property, plenty of opportunity for prayer walking is available. Volunteers will arrange specific times, or set their own times for prayer or prayer walking through various areas of the property. 

Coffee/Lemonade/Snack Delivery

Volunteers with valid Driver’s License and who have passed all other cart-driving regulations, drive appropriately marked golf cars and deliver drinks & snacks to Speedway employees who are stationed around the raceway performing their various tasks. Conversations that lead to evangelistic witnessing opportunities are encouraged, as long as the conversations are welcomed and do not interfere with the work taking place

Snacks For Volunteers

Throughout the race weekend, we need to keep a supply of snacks on hand for the team of volunteers who work with Raceway Ministries. Fruit, cookies, crackers, nuts, brownies, and other snacks, along with bottled water or soft drinks always are appreciated.   Keep in mind that Texas Motor Speedway is a Coca-Cola products track and we like to support the vendors that support racing. At TMS is it Coke please


A specialized area of TxARM activity involves doing chaplain work with the fans, TMS employees and EMS personnel. Understandably, this work requires some experience and special training. Let our leadership know if you would be interested in this type of outreach and service. We will in turn let you know about specialized training and requirements.

Night Shift

We have discovered that many people “drift” into or by the Raceway Ministries tent during the night. This “night shift” volunteer group (at least 2 people per 2-hour shift) will spend the night at the tent, sitting and talking, playing games, drinking coffee, or whatever–but primarily being there just being there for race fans, campers of raceway staff come by needing help, an ear or just a chance to visit. This is a great setting for some witnessing opportunities.