October 2020 Race Schedule

2020 Schedule

It has been a spring and summer like no other that I know.  We will get through it and there will be some things that go back to the normal we knew and other things that will become a new normal.  Just remember it is God’s not ours, God will see to it that it is exactly like God has planned.

For the NASCAR races the weekend of October 24th and 25th, TxArm will have very limited access and only a reasonably small amount of activities.

For all of our TxArm members and supporters, unless we have already reached out and ask you about a special assignment, please don’t come out to the track expecting to hang out.  If you want to get a ticket and watch the race in person on Sunday, that is perfect.

As always, pray that God’s message of Love for All of God’s people is heard and taken to heart.  Never forget, Christ Died on the cross for ALL of our sins, not just some of them.   It is Christ alone who can take away our sins and promise an eternal home in heaven.  Don’t ever forget John 3:16!

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