The purpose, vision and mission of TxArm are to establish an alliance of cooperative evangelistic ministry during the events that would take place at Texas Motor Speedway. The ministries core function is to sow seeds representing the life-changing power of Jesus Christ through written and verbal testimony in ministry to those who would attend these events.

In 1996, the task force led by Kathy Stone was established and begin many months of work gathering information, resources, and making plans for a ministry that would be ready and in place for the first race at Texas motor Speedway in April 1997. Since that time, TxArm has continued to grow and develop and is now led by a Board of Directors that serves as its leadership team.

In 2017, more than 100 dedicated volunteers served the April and November NASCAR racing events and the June IRL races. This same set of volunteers also served at the Texas Motor Speedway for the Dirt track events, Friday Night Drags and the Lone Star Legends Series. At other racing venues in North Texas, volunteers served at 218 Speedway in Stephenville, Kennedale Speedway Park and Boyd Raceway.